Spimbey Review

11 kids can play together on the complete playset , 4 kids can play on the swing set, 5 kids can play on the play deck and 2 on the slide. Initially I thought maybe they were not so much a scam as a company that didn’t know how to do business and was in way over their heads. Then came hundreds of fake reviews on Google and Facebook. Next they removed their reviews on Facebook all together.

Incomplete Playsets

Pre-drilled holes make setup really easy.This is possible because of its modular design and the pre-drilled holes and pre-cut lumber for convenience. The finished playsets also allow lots of visibility so that parents or babysitters can always watch the children. There fullfly are no corners with zero visibility to avoid accidents entirely. The wood used is sourced, making it sustainable. In this review of Spimbey, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the modular playsets so special – and why you should purchase one for your home.

The posts, comments, and everything else published on this site are done by us and no one else. You have to lean parts and pieces on other things and sometimes it will do nothing but stress you out. As a matter of fact, most don’t come with any kind of warranty.

Why You Should Buy A Spimbey Playset

With Spimbey, your child can also invite his or her friends. A complete playset can hold 11 children simultaneously. The playset is made durable and tough to accommodate this number. Im canceling the order through my credit card company. I got a letter from the US today, they have filed for bankruptcy! I have half a set, missing bolts and now no instructions as they were all online.

So far, Spimbey has provided their customers with helpful videos like this one to showcase how to provide maximum safety for your build. John – we placed an order from Spimbey on March 20th. We never received a confirmation and they have not responded to any of our inquiries. Do you have a direct contact there you would be willing to share?

Spimbey Grows With Your Child

Instead of my daughter and I playing “store” inside the house, we can do it outdoors while the boys utilize the rest of the playset. And, you can compare it to what you will have to pay if you decide to go with the typical playset you will find at Walmart. For now, you at least get a glimpse of how much you will pay to get a Spimbey playset.

Anyone with daily and usual tools can construct it, and there is no need for power equipment or other accessories. Together, they make a dreamy playhouse that children will surely love. Each module can also be used individually or as a standalone. The modular design has been getting quite popular lately due to its convenience. From kitchen cabinets to closets and various housing exteriors, this new approach is slowly getting favored by many. Now I try to get my money back via PayPal refund options.


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